Eco tourism is a cross industry built on agricultural production, added with the function of ecological sightseeing; it involves agriculture, culture, tourism and real estate. By integrating farming activities, natural scenery, science and technology demonstration, leisure and entertainment and environmental protection, it aims to realize the unification of ecological, economic and social benefits. In recent years, eco tourism has become one of the important directions for Pele’s diversification.

Relying on the regional natural environment and beautiful scenery as well as years of experience in real estate development, the company adjusts measures to local conditions and gives full play to its resource advantage. While operating the ecological sightseeing agriculture projects, it introduces the real estate business thinking and carries out real estate operation from product planning, scenic area service and marketing to better apply the project advantage and excavate more deeply the products market potential, creating innovative, hi-tech and high-end leisure agricultural complex covering sightseeing, leisure vacation, business meetings, health and pension and other functions.

Park Introduction