Hangzhou Min’an Property Management Co., Ltd., founded in 2000, is subject to Pele Holding Group Co., Ltd. Upon the early stage of its establishment, it has introduced the scientific management concept from the famous Savills. In recent years, the company has gradually undertaken the management services of various properties including Xincheng Garden, Urban Landscape, Baoyuan Garden, Hailan Penisula, Pele Building, River Residence, Linping Vocational High School and Treasure Land.

Our service purpose: service first, owner above all.

Our service concept: detail leads to classic, and high quality leads to future.

Our service pursuit: for permanent comfort and beauty of the owner’s home.

After years of exploration and practice of learning, Hangzhou Min'an Property Management Co., Ltd. is in the developing process; it not only has made a certain achievements, but also gradually formed a management team with advanced concept, standardized operation and tough working style. Currently it has set up departments including Finance, Integrated Mgt., Quality Mgt., Project Mgt., Order Maintenance, Operation Mgt., Environmental Mgt. and Property Mgt., with over 200 employees in total.

It takes 30% of effort to build a house, but 70% to manage the house. For the owners, buying a house is just a one-time behavior, but living in the house is a long-time practice, so the property management level directly affects owners’ living comfort. Min’an is always entrusted with the mission to “provide satisfactory services and create a comfortable life”, and constantly improves the quality of staff and enhances their senses of service. With the joint efforts of all the staff, many communities under its management have repeatedly won the honorary titles including "Residential Community with Outstanding Property Management in Yuhang District, Hangzhou”, "Residential Community with Outstanding Property Management in Hangzhou", "One of Hangzhou's First Top 10 Green Houses", "Safe and Civilized Demonstration Community", "One of Yuhang’s Top 10 Garden Residential Community”. Baoyuan Garden was rated as the Provincial Demonstration Residential Community. Hangzhou Min’an Property Management Co., Ltd. was also awarded the "Regional Advanced Collective in Real Estate”, "Organization Trusted by Consumers in Yuhang", "Yuhang Patriotic Health Advanced Organization" and "Organization Trusted by Consumers in Hangzhou". Our wholehearted management and service have been well-recognized and praised by a wide range of owners and authorities.

We have gradually formed the cultural system of Min'an characteristics through the establishment of corporate culture and learning organization after several years of exploration. Through continuous refinement, we have established a number of prominent service activities like the "Warm Neighborhood", and each activity has received high praise from the owners and all sectors of the society. With our careful management, communities such as Xincheng Garden, Urban Landscape and Baoyuan Garden have become the "window units" in Yuhang District and even in Hangzhou during the process of civilization, further enhancing the influence and penetration of Min'an’s image as property manager and received high praise from the owners and all sectors of the society.